Life went on, as life tends to do. Especially now that I was a mother Read more
I have such a clear memory of this occasion. It was after an 'all out' Read more
-- PLEASE NOTE: I am writing about my personal experience here, and my own understanding Read more
She was walking in front of me and I had seen her many times before Read more
My throat felt swollen and the tears were burning behind my eye lids. But I Read more
It was hard to stay positive. Part of me really wanted to stick to the Read more
I had promised myself to stay positive and give myself time to heal without stressing Read more
June is POP Awareness Month. How could I ignore this? How could I not make Read more
It upsets me that there is no straight forward care for women following childbirth. There Read more
Imagine you go through a pregnancy, labour and give birth to a little human being. Read more
It didn’t take long before I understood that the pelvic floor had taken a massive Read more
My second baby decided to come out two days before due date, and she came Read more

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