The Physio had now suddenly told me something interesting. She said that starting to jog a bit could (potentially) positively teach the pelvic floor how to respond to this new impact. The muscles had become weakened and stretched and they were definitely not used to this kind of activity since a very long time. But starting it back (slowly and easy of course) might just remind them of what they have to do/how to react when put under that sort of pressure.

It took me two weeks after the first run (to build up courage? To go easy on myself and not do too much too soon? I am not too sure)  and then I was back on the running trail again. Same procedure, a walk there together with my family before I ventured off to try this once again. I still had mixed feelings about it all as I wasn’t sure what to expect from my body, but my plan was to stick to the same session.

1 minute jog, 1 minute walk. Six repetitions.

And? Well, the physio was maybe right! This time it felt…….well, definitely not good but it kind of felt better than last time. The sensation was that the pelvic floor was still very vulnarable and without doubt not up to the task properly yet but it was also not quite as much in ‘shock’ as it was last time.

So maybe even if it was just the second attempt, the muscles already realised what I was trying to tell them we were going to do from now on. But I surely did not feel like a runner as I carefully plodded along for my repetitions of 60 seconds slow jogging. It may have felt a tiny bit better than the first time, but I knew there would be a long journey before I could do anything even close to what I really wanted.

But maybe things were going in the right direction..?!