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6-week postnatal check

Imagine you go through a pregnancy, labour and give birth to a little human being. Your world is turned upside down and from this moment on your life has basically changed forever. In a lot of ways! You are happy…. Continue Reading →

Staying positive

It didn’t take long before I understood that the pelvic floor had taken a massive toll from the birth of my second baby. I knew my body so much better now and a bit more about what to expect (and… Continue Reading →

I did it!

My second baby decided to come out two days before due date, and she came fast (as opposed to my first..!)  The overall experience was pretty amazing. Emotionally it was beautiful and positive all the way through. I think it… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy 2 – prolapse and coughing

Ten days before due date I caught a cough. It was a really bad one that meant I couldn’t lie down without entering horrible cough attacks. I was full term in my pregnancy and inevitably exhausted already, and with that… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy 2 – vaginal or caesarean birth?

Knowing how the first labour and birth came to affect my life, unavoidably I wondered whether or not I should go for a c-section this time. In fact lots of people around me assumed I would. And some encouraged me… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy 2 – Using the cube

In the the first part of the pregnancy I used my pessary just as normal. (By the way, how did that happen? I’m referring to a blue silicon cube I insert every day ‘down there’ as something normal? Now that’s… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy 2 – Running

So what about running? How should I be thinking this time around? Knowing the end result of my first pregnancy and birth the sensible thing to do was probably to give running a rest and make sure to avoid further… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy 2 – first trimester

We were lucky and I became pregnant relatively quickly and I was curious (maybe more nervous?) about how my body would react to this. I didn’t have to wait long and already in the very first weeks the prolapse gave… Continue Reading →

Ready or not?

Prolapse and breastfeeding

I loved breastfeeding! It was such an emotional and bonding experience between me and my son, and it came so much more natural to me than I had ever imagined before becoming a mother. Sure, it was complicated to get started… Continue Reading →

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