Ten days before due date I caught a cough. It was a really bad one Read more
Knowing how the first labour and birth came to affect my life, unavoidably I wondered Read more
In the the first part of the pregnancy I used my pessary just as normal. Read more
So what about running? How should I be thinking this time around? Knowing the end Read more
We were lucky and I became pregnant relatively quickly and I was curious (maybe more Read more
I think this happens to many, and for me it was one of the main Read more
I loved breastfeeding! It was such an emotional and bonding experience between me and my son, Read more
Before having children I think I imagined that I would want my second one about Read more
I thought I would post an English translation of my story which was published on Read more
Last week I had my story published on www.bakingbabies.se !! It's an amazing Swedish blog written Read more
After I had reached my 5K target, it felt like nothing could stop me. This Read more
I walked in the middle of the pack, we were all heading towards the startline. Read more

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