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What about the future?

Before having children I think I imagined that I would want my second one about 2 years after the first. Then, that seemed reasonable to me. Once I was a mother and I knew the toll the pregnancy and birth… Continue Reading →

Baking Babies – English translation!

I thought I would post an English translation of my story which was published on the blog Baking Babies a few weeks ago. The original text was in Swedish (and can be found here) and I have had several requests for a translation. So… Continue Reading →

Baking Babies

Last week I had my story published on !! It’s an amazing Swedish blog written by a women’s health physiotherapist, she talks about everything concerning pregnancy/childbirth/female health. I can highly recommend it. It’s written in Swedish though, so not all of… Continue Reading →

More running (or at least dreaming about it)

After I had reached my 5K target, it felt like nothing could stop me. This was somewhat ironic as a gentle jog of that distance for ‘my previous me’ wouldn’t be much to talk about. But I wasn’t my previous… Continue Reading →

A perfect day.

I walked in the middle of the pack, we were all heading towards the startline. It was a fresh morning –  pretty cold but sunny, and the surroundings were just beautiful. We were in the countryside, and an amazing scenery was… Continue Reading →

Reaching 5K

Time went by, and I gradually increased my training. I mixed little jogs with spin sessions at the gym – these were the ones that actually got my fitness back to a somewhat decent-ish level. My runs were so far… Continue Reading →

The constant battle.

There’s a constant battle in my head between still wanting to be the person I used to be, and to just be a mother. But they are two different people. And whenever I focus on the ‘pre-pregnancy-me’ I feel guilty…. Continue Reading →

Third attempt….and the next few.

A couple of weeks went by since my second jog, and it was time to get out there again. I wanted to stick to the plan of initially doing repetitions of short jogs followed by a walk and the idea… Continue Reading →


When people ask if I am back to running again postpartum I usually say something like: ‘Taking it slowly still!’ ‘Still have some recovering to do!’ ‘Jogging a little bit, but not like before!’ ‘It will take a while…’ ‘Things… Continue Reading →

Should I have just ignored it?

Some days I question myself. Should I have just ignored the problem and pushed through, right from the beginning? Was it silly to take it so slowly and progressively with the running? Have I wasted time by being too cautious? When… Continue Reading →

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