Time went by, and I gradually increased my training. I mixed little jogs with spin Read more
There’s a constant battle in my head between still wanting to be the person I Read more
A couple of weeks went by since my second jog, and it was time to Read more
When people ask if I am back to running again postpartum I usually say something Read more
Some days I question myself. Should I have just ignored the problem and pushed through, Read more
How do I remember - or more accurately how do I push myself to do Read more
An early Friday morning I went out for a run. A super easy one which Read more
  A small blue cube made of silicone. This little thing suddenly became as essential Read more
To receive an email about new blog posts you can now subscribe to the blog. Read more
Who knew that you can get physiotherapy for the coccyx?! I sure didn’t, but it Read more
So I struggled quite lot in the beginning. I couldn't physically sit down at all Read more
I was on a ski holiday with friends and at the end of the last Read more

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