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Pelvic Floor training – my ‘cues’

How do I remember – or more accurately how do I push myself to do pelvic floor training, every day? Several times per day… Because the reality is that it is incredibly boring. First of all (as I have been… Continue Reading →

I cried.

The Cube.

  A small blue cube made of silicone. This little thing suddenly became as essential in my life as breathing. The Cube is in fact a vaginal pessary, which basically is a removable device that is worn inside the vagina…. Continue Reading →

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That other little issue – part 3.

Who knew that you can get physiotherapy for the coccyx?! I sure didn’t, but it turns out possible with a specialist Physio. In my case it was the same Women’s Health Physio I saw before giving birth. She was the… Continue Reading →

That other little issue – part 2.

So I struggled quite lot in the beginning. I couldn’t physically sit down at all initially after the birth, as the pain in my coccyx was so intense. It was stressful as I had my little baby to care for… Continue Reading →

That other little issue – part 1

I was on a ski holiday with friends and at the end of the last day I did that thing you are not supposed to do. I took the ski lift up the mountain again and went downhill for that… Continue Reading →

When motivation fails

So there are good days and bad days when it comes to my motivation. On the good days I try to forget about the negatives and almost pretend I physically am like pre-pregnancy. I just get on with the training,… Continue Reading →

So many things

There are so many things I cannot do anymore because of the massive change my body went through due to pregnancy and childbirth. It is sometimes hard to accept I am not the person I used to be. I became… Continue Reading →

The second attempt

The Physio had now suddenly told me something interesting. She said that starting to jog a bit could (potentially) positively teach the pelvic floor how to respond to this new impact. The muscles had become weakened and stretched and they… Continue Reading →

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