An early Friday morning I went out for a run. A super easy one which was only meant to ‘warm up’ my body for the race I had coming up at the weekend. The jog was followed by a few strides, some comfortable strides which I always enjoyed doing one or two days before a race, just to feel the legs moving fast but not tiring them out. I was ready for this race. It was the first for the season, and I was really looking forward for the season ahead….

….and I sprained my ankle.

I knew instantly that the race was doomed. Being a sports therapist dealing with injuries of this kind on a regular basis, I knew too well what just happened in my ankle with that pain and swelling. And I knew too well the rehabilitation required over the following few weeks.

I cried. I cried frustrated and disappointed tears over my ankle. And over the race and over the training I had put in until then. It wasn’t a severe ankle injury but it was still an injury that set me back a good few weeks. I was back again before the season was over but it did affect the whole season. I cried disappointed tears.

I thought about this as I just passed the corner where that injury happened. I came back to the track from that ankle injury. And all other running related injuries I have sustained over the years.

How many tears will have to be shed over my prolapse? Will I ever come back to the track from this?