Some days I question myself. Should I have just ignored the problem and pushed through, right from the beginning? Was it silly to take it so slowly and progressively with the running? Have I wasted time by being too cautious? When I think those thoughts I go into panic mode for a moment and blame myself for not being a bit more wild and crazy. Maybe it would have worked out fine, and I would be running loads by now, and have done lots of things (running wise still) I wanted to already over these past two years postpartum.

It’s a daunting thought and image….

But the sensible me always wins. I believe too strongly in that listening to your body and not doing too much too soon is the right thing to do. I am actually pretty confident that the way I have done it has been the best for me and my recovering and that it has put my body in the best possible position for the future.

For future running, and for any future potential pregnancy. For my future everyday life.

But that’s me. Now reaching out to you, my readers. What do You think?