June is POP Awareness Month.

How could I ignore this? How could I not make sure I take part in it, and continue this blog project I started a few years ago… I went silent for some time lately. But then this hit my inbox and social media feeds. POP awareness. This is what it was all about! I wanted to start a blog, I wanted to tell everyone I know (and as many as possible that I didn’t know before) about what happened to my body after I gave birth, and how I dealt with it. How I managed to (against my odds?!) get back into running even if I suffered Pelvic Organ Prolapse. POP. I wanted to open up, reach out, bring some hope to other women in similar positions.

Do YOU know what a pelvic organ prolapse is? Because before it happened to me I had only really heard the term in my native language but never fully understood what it was. What it really meant when someone had it. But how could I? When I first experienced symptoms and got my suspicions I had to get my dictionary out in order to figure out what it was even called in English. Pelvic organ prolapse.

(There is some great info about it here: http://www.pelvicorganprolapsesupport.org)

The blog was born in May 2017, a few months after I had taken my first cautious running strides postpartum after my first baby. And from then on I moved forward, slowly. Silly slowly at times. But with support from physiotherapy, a cube, and with a very progressive and thought-through training regime I finally got back to a little bit of running… Far from what I had imagined before children but after all, I was now a runner with a pelvic organ prolapse – a POP.